VB Rewards Program

Any customer with a registered account on www.vitabella.online website is automatically enrolled in the VB Rewards Program.
Earn VB Points and Redeem Your Rewards & Coupons* to use on your next purchase!

*All Unlocked Rewards & Coupons can only be applied individually.

8 Ways to Earn VB Points

VB Points will be credited to customer’s account after the purchase process status is marked “Completed”.

Registering an account – New customers who register for an account will receive 5 VB Points. If you are new, click here now to create an account and begin earning VB Points!

Earn VB Point from your first order. *Login to your account to see the details.

Earn VB Points from EVERY order. *Login to your account to see the details.

Write reviews on the products you buy, and earn VB Points – you help us and yourself at the same time!

Earn 3 VB Points every year after account anniversary.

Earn 10 VB Points on your birthday.

Refer A Friend

Spread the word about VitaBella® and for every successful referral, you’ll earn VB Points. But that’s not all. Your friend will automatically be enrolled in the VB Rewards Program and receive Welcome VB Points. It’s a win-win for you both!

Earn VB Point from your referred friends’ 1st order. *Login to your account to see the details.

Earn VB Point on every order your referred friend made. *Login to your account to see the details.

VB Points Expiry
Inactivity Expiration

* Your VB Points will expire if your account is inactive for a period of 12 months.
* Every time you earn or spend VB Points, it resets the inactivity period.

Example Scenario:
Jenny earned 50 points on January 10 and earned another 70 points on February 15; and spent 30 points on March 2. In this case, Jenny will lose all her remaining points on March 2 of the following year (i.e. a year later)

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