Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA)

It should be noted that the Recommended Daily Allowances for magnesium were produced without consideration of those who are deficient or under any form of stress (physical, emotional or environmental). They were produced with only healthy individuals in who are not magnesium deficient in mind. It is said that the RDA recommends the minimum dosage for prevention of a deficiency. However, the optimum daily intake of magnesium would be: In terms of mg per kg, is 6-8 mg of magnesium per kg (2.2lb) of body weight for maintenance. And for those under stress/chronic illness, a minimum of 10mg of magnesium per kg (2.2lb) of body weight.

There is:
103mg of elemental magnesium per 1ml of Elementz Magnesium Oil;
1200mg of elemental magnesium per 100g of Elementz Magnesium Flakes;
and approx 50mg of elemental magnesium per 1 tsp of Elementz Magnesium Lotion.

The RDA for magnesium is as follows[1]:

Children 1-3 years: 80 mg

Children 4-8 years: 130 mg

Children 9-13 years: 240 mg

Life Stage Men Women Pregnancy. Lactation

Age 14-18 410 mg 360 mg 400 mg 360 mg

Age 19-30 400 mg 310 mg 350 mg 310 mg

Age 31+ 420 mg 320 mg 360 mg 320 mg

It is viewed by many magnesium experts that the RDA should be raised. It has been said that approximately 300 mg of magnesium is needed to just offset daily losses. So if you are exposed to stress that is caused by physical or psychological illness, physical injury, athletic physical exertion, or emotional turmoil, your requirement for magnesium escalates. [2][3]

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