Elementz Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Flakes are Zechstein Inside® certified and sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed (Netherlands).

Facts about the Zechstein Inside certified source where Elementz Magnesium Oil is mined from:

The Zechstein source produces the most pure and natural magnesium chloride – hexahydrate; aka magnesium oil.

The Zechstein Sea is located in the North West of Europe
Elementz’ source is mined from a point of the Zechstein Sea that is approx. 1600 meters below ground which protects it from surface and ground water contaminants.
The Zechstein Sea
The Zechstein Sea was already in existence circa 250 million years ago.
The Zechstein Sea is in isolation from any sea or ocean which ensures that there are no pollutants.

The Zechstein Sea has gone through three significant cycles of flood and dryness, in a period of several million years which caused it to have the highest concentration of magnesium chloride compared to any other natural source.

Elemntz magnesium oil is extracted by solution mining. The density of our magnesium oil is higher than 1,30 kg/l (31%).

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