How to Use Elementz Magnesium Oil

Oral Consumption

Transdermal use of Magnesium Oil is considered superior to Oral due to the higher absorption rate of magnesium through one’s skin. However, Oral intake can help support gut heal. So a combination of both Oral + Transdermal -in our opinion- would be optimum.

The general recommendation for adults (children: half adult dosage) is to take 2-3 drops of Elementz Magnesium Oil in water or juice, 2-3 times a day. Oral ingestion of Magnesium Oil supports gut health (often for constipation, trapped wind, GERD/acid reflux).


Start with 1 drop in a glass of water 3x a day. Increase when you feel comfortable. The key is to always listen to your body. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated as your body adjusts to higher levels of magnesium. Gradually increase your dosage to the point where your Bowel Movement (BM) is soft. This would indicate that you have reached your optimum and maximum intake of oral magnesium.

For adults with constipation, one could try 10 drops 3x a day in water/juice. In addition to this, drink more water. Continue until relief is experienced, then you may reduce the dosage.

If you experience loose stools even from small dosages; this could be indication of a weaker state of digestive system which may be strengthend gradually. You can try to increase your dosage at a later stage.

Should you experience headaches or nausea after a small dosage of Magnesium Oil, keep in mind that this can be taken as an indication that toxins are being released and need to be flushed out; it is recommended in these cases to drink more water. You may reduce your dosage until a later stage when you feel comfortable with increasing it again.

If you do not want to consume consume Magnesium Oil orally, that is perfectly fine! Magnesium Oil is actually absorbed more efficiently transdermally, i.e. through your skin.

Transdermal (topical) Application

Elementz Magnesium Oil is absorbed by your skin very efficiently. It is absorbed directly by your cells without having to go through your digestive system. There is no limit to how many times or how much Magnesium Oil can be applied to your skin as ‘your body will absorb and use what it needs and let any excess be excreted.’[1]

It can be applied anywhere on your skin and if you don’t like the feel of it, it can be rinsed or wiped off 20-30 minutes after application. Elementz Magnesium Oil has moisturizing qualities; therefore many people choose to leave it on.

One of the easiest and most beneficial methods of application is to apply Elementz Magnesium Oil immediately after a shower when your skin is still damp, then let your body air-dry. Applying magnesium oil after a shower maximizes its benefits as you rid your skin of superficial dirt, oil, acids and other elements and absorption is optimized.

For general health (and when you first start), we recommend applying Magnesium Oil on your arms and shoulders after showering, and on the soles of your feet before bed.

​If you want to apply Elementz Magnesium Oil sparingly, then target the areas of your skin that are thinnest. Apply one drop each and rub into the following points: behind your ears, your underarms, inner elbows, behind your knees, top of your hands, and top of your feet.

For aches and pains: Target those specific areas and massage a few drops into each affected area.

For better sleep: Apply magnesium oil to the soles of your feet, back of the neck, and small of your back. Also, add 3-5 drops to the last glass of water consumed in the evening.

For hair growth: Apply to the scalp to accelerate the speed of hair growth. There have been reports from users that hair color darkens (to their youthful color). Regular use is recommended in order for you to see results.

As a deodorant: It is similar to rock salt deodorants and can be applied in a similar manner to those either by transferring the magnesium oil into a spray bottle that can be purchased cheaply at your local pharmacy, or a few drops rubbed into your armpit. Do not apply Elementz Magnesium Oil to freshly shaven skin as it is likely to sting.

Facial toner (wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation): apply 2-3 drops of magnesium oil on freshly washed face while it is still wet. This would help with dilution and better absorption. Leave to air dry. You may follow by applying magnesium lotion for added benefits.

Massage oil: it can be used as massage oil (on its own or mixed with natural carrier oils such coconut, olive, or almond oil). Massaging with magnesium oil may help with increasing your blood circulation and cell absorption of magnesium. It is also very relaxing.

Mouth wash/gargle: add 10 drops of magnesium oil to 150ml of water in a glass bottle (you may add 3-4 drops of mint/tea tree oil/clove essential oil: optional), screw lid on, and shake. Use this solution as a mouth wash or to gargle. This is to ward off infections. Magnesium Oil has been said to strengthen gums and relieve toothaches too. If you choose to use Elementz Magnesium Oil neat, apply directly or use with a toothbrush.

Energy boost: apply a drop on each wrist and gently rub in. You can do this several times throughout the day!

Before and after exercise/sports/any form of physical exertion: apply liberal amounts of Elementz Magnesium Oil all over your body prior to physical activities by at least 30 minutes. You will find that you perform better. Following your activity and right after your shower, apply magnesium oil once again, especially on areas where you are prone to aches, pains or sores. You will find that your usual recovery period from any aches, pains, or sores will be shortened.

Sinus congestion:
– Wash your face and while it is damp, apply magnesium oil on both sides of your nose, forehead, temples, over your throat, and behind the ears. Note: this may cause a tingly sensation, but most will find comfort from it as their sinuses are relieved.
-Do the above, then apply a warm face towel over your face and lay back.
– Use Magnesium Oil and warm purified/distilled water in a net pot, in place of saline solution. Use 15-20 drops of Elementz Magnesium Oil per 200ml.

If you feel a tingling/stinging sensation from following any of the above-suggested forms of transdermal application; dilute the Elementz Magnesium Oil with mineral/distilled water or natural oils (eg. almond or coconut) following a 1:1 ratio. Should the tingling sensation persists, dilute further. If you are uncertain of applying the Elementz Magnesium Oil neat then dilution with water or oil is recommended, especially for application on sensitive skin: sores/eczema/psoriasis/cuts/wounds. Do keep in mind: the more you dilute the less magnesium you get with each application.

Remember, for best results: be consistent in usage.

[1] Mildred S. Seelig, M.D., MPH, ‘The Magnesium Factor’, (2003: Avery, New York) p.55

Do’s and Don’ts of using Magnesium Oil


1. Apply as often and as much as you want but keep out of reach of children as a precaution.

2. Be consistent with your consumption and application of Magnesium Oil for best results.


1. Do not apply on newly shaven/epilated/waxed skin, or after the application of lotions (this prevents your skin from absorbing the Magnesium and sometimes the lotion may react and ‘clump up’.

2. Do not store in metal containers whether pure or diluted as magnesium chloride can cause pitting.

3. Do not consume or apply magnesium oil without first consulting your doctor in cases of renal deficiency, kidney disorders, myasthenia gravis, and muscular dystrophy.

The aforementioned are all merely suggestions and not intended as prescriptions.

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