Elementz Magnesium Oil – Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 103 mg of elemental Magnesium.

Approximately 10 drops. Since 1ml = 10 drops, 100ml = 1000 drops. Each bottle of Elementz Magnesium Oil contains 1000 drops!

The recommended dosage is 6-8 mg of Magnesium per kg of body weight.

Yes! You can add it to your water or any other drinks. You can even add Elementz Magnesium Oil to your food! It is unaffected by regular cooking temperatures, or cold. You may want to adjust the amount of salt that you add to your food when using our Magnesium Oil as Magnesium Oil can impart a “salty” taste, depending on how much you use.

Yes, you can. It is safe to use our products daily. In fact, we encourage it!

Yes, they can. In fact, pregnant women need Magnesium!

There isn’t one. Your skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption, so there is little to no concern about getting too much Magnesium through the skin. Generally speaking, as long as you do not have any of the health challenges that are contraindicated by Magnesium (eg, kidney disease and myasthenia gravis) or are on medical drugs that contraindicate the use of Magnesium (always consult with a medical professional if you are unsure or have concerns), using Magnesium Oil on a daily basis can only be beneficial.

Within half an hour before going to sleep (or just before), apply some Magnesium Oil on the back of your neck and on the soles of your feet.  You may also choose to add 2-3 drops in the last glass of water that you drink in the evening.

Research has indicated that there could be an immediate benefit from incorporating magnesium supplementation into your preparation for sleep or even in the second half of your day for better nighttime sleep. As your bedtime draws closer and your body needs to unwind and sleep, magnesium helps with easing the process by organising it and helping in melatonin production besides relaxing your body. Many find that by introducing magnesium to their bedtime routines, they not only sleep through the night but also wake up feeling alert and fresh.

This can occur when your body’s Magnesium levels are low. Also, it can happen if you have elevated levels of toxins and/or histamines (Magnesium Chloride reacts to detoxify your body of these). Last but not least, the rapid absorption of Magnesium through your skin can cause this sensation if you have fine/small pores or have sensitive skin. The tingling sensation will reduce as your Magnesium levels rise and stabilise. If you are uncomfortable with the sensation, then you may want to consider diluting the Magnesium Oil with pure water on a 1:1 ratio (or more) before application. You may also dilute and mix with natural oils such as coconut, olive, almond, or rosehip oil before applying.

Other tips:
a) Start with smaller quantities and build up from there.
b) Apply the magnesium oil immediately after a shower while your skin is still damp and your pores are open.
c) Apply only on targeted areas or where you feel at ease with applying it.
d) Apply only on the soles of your feet (no one has ever complained of tingly sensations or itch from applying here!).

Avoid applying pure magnesium oil undiluted on any broken skin; cuts, sores; wounds; freshly shaven/epilated/waxed skin.

Elementz Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Flakes are sourced from the ancient Zechstein sea which is located in northwest Europe, approximately 1 mile beneath the surface of the earth. While no longer a “sea”, what remains of it is salt beds that have occurred as a result of it having been isolated from the ocean several times. It has also gone through three major cycles of flood and dryness over the course of several million years. This sea has been in existence since 250 million years ago. Elementz Zechstein Inside certified magnesium chloride is sourced from this Zechstein sea. This is the source of the purest known and most natural magnesium chloride in the world. Our magnesium chloride is extracted through what is called ‘solution mining’.

Can i produce my own “MAGNESIUM OIL” by adding water to Magnesium Flakes?

The basic answer is: No. We strongly advise against this.
The analysts at Zechstein Inside in cooperation with the Magnesium Health Institute do not recommend this.
Magnesium Flakes is obtained by heating Magnesium Chloride brine to approximately 160°C so that the water evaporates and it reaches a concentration of 47% of magnesium chloride (this is when it stabilizes and forms crystalised flakes during the cooling process). Through the heating process, some MgCl2 decomposes to magnesium hydroxide chloride (MgOHCl), magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) and hydrochloric acid (HCl); these substances will not dissolve again even after adding water, therefore you will never “regain magnesium oil” in its original form and quality.

​Magnesium Flakes is safe to use when mixed in water to form very low concentrations, ie. max 5% for foot soaks and body baths. There are a number of bloggers and some medical professionals who have talked about “making” your own magnesium oil at home. We’ve even had people ask us about doing this. This really concerns us because of the presence of substances such as hydrochloric acid that are released when mixing magnesium flakes in water. In tiny amounts in baths when it is in a high dilution of MAX 5% in foot soaks and body baths it is fine and safe. However, we cannot and do not support the use of magnesium flakes mixed with water for direct topical applications like you would with magnesium oil, even less so for oral ingestion. There have yet to be any studies showing the side effects (good or bad) of long-term use like this. But we always prefer to be safe and we advise you to stay safe as well. While you may benefit from the magnesium chloride that is in this “homemade” oil, your body would be exposed to unnecessary substances that it would have to neutralise or detox (more work! that you could easily avoid).

The pH reading of Elementz Magnesium Flakes is ca. 8.5 (aqueous solution 10%).
The pH reading of Elementz Magnesium Oil is 4-6 (current batch: ca 5.5).

For your information:
5 litres of water + approx 500g magnesium flakes = 5%
This max concentration using magnesium flakes is used for athletes/high endurance performers or for those with a severe need and want to use magnesium flakes for therapeutic purposes in a foot bath. For an average user, the norm is to use 1-2% concentrations (100-200g in 5 litres of water for a foot soak). Adjust the quantity of flakes used according to the amount of water. We hope this helps to clear up any misunderstanding and misinformation that you may have been exposed to. Your health and safety are always our top priority.

Yes, Elementz Magnesium Oil is Zechstein Inside® certified.

Yes, all Elementz products are notified products with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).

Corrosion can occur when Magnesium Oil is in contact with metals. This happens at a more rapid rate in humid climates such as Malaysia. When corrosion (rust!!) occurs, the metal spring of a spray cap will become faulty and can contaminate the Magnesium Oil. Your safety is our #1 priority. Therefore, we would never risk bottling our Magnesium Oil in any container that has metal parts.

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